Founded in 2012 in Sweden, IRRAS is a medical device company focused on fluid control and management for a broad range of brain pathologies, CNS applications and procedures. IRRAS developed and is the manufacturer of outstanding instruments and devices for clinical, monitoring and surgical applications of brain pathology indications called the IRRAflow™ CNS System.
Our revolutionary new technique provides intelligent and dynamic control of brain fluids, highly efficient irrigation and the best possible safety features for sufficient fluid management, including our proprietary IRRAflow™ catheter tip occlusion elimination technology. We are developing a pipeline for future innovative features and products based on our core dynamic fluid exchange technologies.

Our goal was to make the IRRAflow™ devices safer, more efficient and easier to handle than other common treatment options in terms of the time patients have to be treated in an ICU, the total time spent in the hospital and lower overall cost.


Our Mission

IRRAS is committed to transparent and ethical cooperation with all participating parties to support the development of innovative, efficient and cost-effective medical products to improve patients’ health and to meet physicians’ needs.


Our Vision

IRRAS will become the market leader in controlled, minimally-invasive fluid management in neurosurgery as well as in other medical specialties.

We are confident in the efficacy of the IRRAflow™ device and the transformational product features that will improve patient outcomes and enable physicians to improve their treatment options.